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The ICT Podcast is Tim's weekly delve into gaming and more in many ways - from The History of Games, a deep delve into the history of certain gaming companies and franchises, to game reviews of new titles, to discussions about hot topics in gaming.

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Tim Hosey

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Tim is the creator & face of Insert Coin Theater. A 30-year-old from the Tampa Bay area of Florida, he has a passion for gaming, content creation and geekery of all sorts. He has been a gamer since elementary school, where he used to sneak into his eldest brother's bedroom to play his Sega Genesis when he was out of the house.

A proud partner of Mixer, XSplit, StreamLabs, Gamer Goo, and BAWLS Guarana, the drive for success and delivering great content and value to viewers and partners alike keeps him fueled (along with lots of caffeine!).

Tim has done a vast array of content creation escapades, including a channel takeover for the game Sleep Tight, which capped at over 2,200 concurrent viewers; live on-stage events for Mixer at PAX West 2018; to live content from Mixer's Studio at Microsoft Studio D in Redmond, Washington.

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